Below written by M and published here for reference.

Let me see. What love means to me. Love is work. I believe you make a conscious decision to love someone and that’s why some parents turn out terrible. Love is what happens in the later stages of a relationship, after that initial spark, the attraction, the energy of that new relationship. Love is being there even though you’re angry, when your upset, or when you don’t understand. Love is working through those downs so that you can enjoy the ups together. Love is making up that 80 percent on the days your partner can only give 20. Love is trusting that they’ll also be there on your 20 percent days to help you both give 100. Love is trust. Trusting another person with your life, not in saving it, but in helping you build a better one. Love is the smiling face in a sea of anger, the warmth in a bed of ice, the unimaginable hope when everything else seems hopeless. Love is patience.